Client Reviews

Thanks for sending out the Gencon All-in-1 out so quickly to me. I am really impressed with the simple design and how effective it is. I have three dogs all different sizes from a Lurcher-GSD cross & terrier cross, the lead fits all of the perfectly. I teach at a local Dog Club and I will certainly recommend people with pulling dogs to send for one.


Thank you again so much. Our rehabilitation (Star's and mine) has made another positive step in the right direction. I am now going to order one for a friend with an energetic extrovert young labrador.


Here at Woodside, we use the Gencon all-in-1 with clip to collar. We have found them simple to use and very effective at controlling any size dog.Most dogs accept the Gencon quickly with little fuss, making training so much easier. Gencon’s are now part of our uniform and we recommend them to any new owner taking home one of our four legged friends.

Gemma RSPCA Advisor